Thursday, September 4, 2014

Additional Family Pictures

 Benji at the Easter Egg Hunt April 2014

Zac with his Big Pumpkin! 

Decorated the Tree Christmas 2013

"Hello Mom!" 

Zac and Mommy

Happy Boy!

Our family on the last day of our camping trip

 Benji and Essie checking out a baby chick

 Benji chilin' at the lake

 Hannah bottle feeding her brother's calf

 Princess Essie

 Daddy and Benji at the lake

 Essie at the lake

Zac @ our summer family photo shoot

Essie at the play ground

 Essie and her baby doll match!

 Essie loves to catch frogs!

Zac with his cars in hand and our beautiful girlie!

 Essie enjoying a donut! 

 Zac, "Look Mom, I dressed myself!"

 Hannah and Benji at the lake
 Zac in our cabin

 Good morning sleepy head!

 We sure love the lake! (2013)

 Zac and Essie at the play ground! 

 Benji, "Look, I'm standing!"

 Happy Birthday Zac!

Where's Benji???

 Happy Birthday Essie!

Essie and Hannah 

Joe and the boys 

Best Friends

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