Sunday, September 14, 2014

About Our Family

  ~ Our Family ~

 We thought you might like to hear a bit about our family. There is so much to share. It is hard to know where to begin! We are a fun-loving, silly, adventurous, festive, family of 5. We love to plan activities and go on adventures! We are in the business of making memories. We always take a ridiculous amount of pictures and videos because we always want to cherish these special times. We love spending time together. Sometimes it doesn't even matter what we are doing so long as we are doing it as a family. Some of our favorite things to do are: *gardening, *going for walks, *visiting the zoo, *throwing rocks in the lake, *attending church together, *playing at the playground, *picnicking, *going to the movies, *playing games, *traveling, & *crafting (Zac and Essie's favorite craft is to paint! 

 We are involved in our Church together as a family and regularly attend Sunday mornings. During the school year, there is a special club on Wednesday nights called AWANA, that our kids really enjoy. We consider ourselves to be Non-Denominational Christians and strive to share our faith by showing love to others. We feel truly blessed and want to bless others also!

 Hannah especially loves to celebrate. She likes to make a celebration out of everything: birthdays, homecomings, achievements, and especially holidays! Hannah's all-time favorite festivity is, without a doubt, Christmas. She literally counts down the days all year long! We met at college in Virginia in 2005 and were married the following summer. Joe currently works as a university instructor online and also teaches High-School at a local private school and he just completed his Doctorate in Education! He enjoys playing games, listening to music, reading, and gardening. Hannah is a stay-at-home mom and occasionally nannies another little girl who also happens to have Down Syndrome! She dedicates the majority of her time to caring for the munchkins which she loves even more than she loves Christmas! She also enjoys reading, gardening, walking, and has a special love for animals. In fact, we have a golden-retriever, 6 ducks, 1 bunny, 2 turtles, and 7 gold fish. She'd start a zoo if she could!

 We have 3 children. Our oldest child is our little girl, Essie. She is now 7 years old and is in First Grade at a private Christian School. Zac is our tender-hearted and fun-loving 5 year-old. He adores animals and can't stand to see any living creature hurt. He is attending Pre-school along with Essie at a private school. Benji, our youngest, is 4 and absolutely loves life. He is super social and is always ready with a smile on his face. This is his first year of school. He is in Pre-K with his big brother Zac and loving it!

 We also spend a significant amount of time with our extended family. In fact, all of Hannah's family live close by, so we have an excellent support system. There are always plenty of hugs and kisses from aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents! This is partly what makes all of our celebrations so fun! There is never a dull moment in this house!

Zac, Essie, & Benji - Our Little Loves

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