Monday, September 8, 2014

About Essie

Meet our Essie! 

 If you were ever to meet our Essie, you would realize in an instant that she is a little Mommy! She loves babies and is a great big sister to Zac and Benji. She is beyond excited about the possibility of having another baby brother or sister and is always trying to pick out baby items at the store.

 Essie is very girly, yet she doesn't mind getting a little dirty. She loves to garden with her Mommy and Daddy and enjoys collecting snails and caterpillars. She also likes to dress-up and play "house" and collects fairies, ponies, tea sets, and princesses.

 One of her favorite activities is crafting! She especially loves to paint! She also enjoys molding play-doh, putting puzzles together, and watching her favorite movies, especially "My Little Pony" or "Dragon Land".

 Esther has an incredible imagination. She is often writing letters to the dragons and fairies and putting them in the mail box. She also believes that her Daddy is Santa Clause for the entire world and likes to remind him to bring presents to the kids in Africa. She has such a genuine and loving heart.

 Our Essie is tenacious and so full of life. She is determined, and once she has her mind set to something, there is no going back. We try to embrace her independence by molding her to become a motivated, world-changer. She has the energy and inspiration to make a difference. She has an awful lot of love to give and we can't wait to see where life takes her!

 Esther wants to be a "PT Lady" (Physical Therapist) or a school teacher when she grows up. She also says she wants to be a mommy and have a lot of babies. Whatever she chooses to do, we are confident she will shine.

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