Wednesday, September 10, 2014

About Benji

                                             Benji on our camping trip to the lake 
Meet Benji!

 Sweet, sweet Benji! Wow, there is just so much we could say about him. He is one special little boy. He has beaten the odds and continues to amaze us on a daily basis.

 Benji was born 14 weeks early and weighed 2 pounds. He was 14 inches long. Not only did he battle extreme prematurity, he also has Down Syndrome. He has overcome so many obstacles and yet, he continues to smile. He continues to enjoy life in spite of everything. He has come so far! Benji has taught us to appreciate and value life. We have been through so much together. Never in a billion, zillion years did it ever cross our minds that we would have a child with Down Syndrome, but for whatever reason, God blessed us with Benjamin and we have never looked back.

 Benji absolutely adores people. He is social and outgoing like his brother and sister. He loves when people talk or sing to him. He seems to enjoy just about everything, but his absolute favorite things to do are read books, sing songs, listen to music, swing, and play with balls or blocks. So far, Benji's communication is limited to few signs and words but he is starting to be more expressive with his tone and gestures. His intent and determination are unmistakable!

 Benji enjoys the simple things in life, which has taught us to do the same. For example, he loves to feel the wind on his tongue and watch the leaves blowing. And, oh my goodness, Benji loves animals, especially fish! Whenever we go into a pet store or a zoo, Benji literally starts screaming with excitement! We decided to set up a large fish tank for Benji's 2nd birthday. We definitely picked the right gift! Its still one of his favorite activities to stand and watch them!

                                          Benji chilling out before the 4th of July fireworks! 

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