Sunday, September 7, 2014

"Why adopt another baby with Special Needs? Don't you have your hands full already?!"

Sometimes people ask us, "Why? Don't you already have your hands full? Do you really think you can handle it?" 

It's true, we do have our hands full....and we LOVE it.

Life is busy for everyone but once you've got 3 kids, one with special-needs, and a few pets, what's ONE MORE?! :)

In all seriousness, we believe we can not only "handle" it, but that we would thrive! We feel as though adding a child with special needs would be like adding the missing puzzle piece. 

Benji is doing wonderful! In fact, he is doing better than ever. He is off of day-time oxygen, weaning off his feeding tube, almost off all his medications, and his heart, lungs, and immune system are so much stronger! He is doing so well, that the doctors are enthusiastic about us adopting another child with special needs. 

We will admit that before Benji was born, we probably never would have considered adopting a child with special needs. But our world changed the moment we received the amnio results. Down Syndrome has changed our life...and for the better. 

Benji's achievements are slow - but when he reaches a new goal, they are that much more appreciated and celebrated! However, his delay seems more and more pronounced as his brother and sister continue to grow and mature as typical children. One day, they will be grown-up and be independent, maybe even married, have jobs, kids. We're not saying Benji won't be as independent as possible or won't have a job or even get married. On the contrary! We hope he does everything he can and wants to! However, there is no denying the fact that Benji will always need us. 

Hannah used to dream about getting a 2 passenger sports car when we became "empty nesters" - now, she looks at cars like the Prius and says, "Oh, we'll need  a nice little car like that when the kids grow up so Benji has plenty of leg room!" She doesn't say it begrudgingly, just mater-of-fact. When we talk about growing old, we talk about Benji being with us. 

And what could make growing up more wonderful than for Benji to have a brother or sister who would have so much in common with him. To have a best friend...friends who would always be there for each other. Friends to grow and mature at the same rate. Friends involved in the same activities and opportunities. Just like our Zac and Essie participate in things together (like soccer), can you imagine anything sweeter than for Benji and his brother/sister to be involved in something similar together?! They would have a blast! And it would be my guess, that because they would have each other, they might not see themselves so "different" from the world.

We have begun to dream about our future with not only Benji, but with another sweet soul like our Benji. Imagining the two of them together makes our hearts smile. 

Yes, Down Syndrome changed our lives...but we have chosen to embrace our new path and would like to invite another little blessing to share in our special-needs journey. 

What's one more?! :) We adore our children more than anything and Benji certainly is no exception. We love him unconditionally and sincerely hope to add another special blessing into our lives! 

"Dear God, Please send me a new baby brother or sister soon. Amen."

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