Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Where is Macedonia Anyway?

We've had a lot of people ask us questions about Macedonia so I thought I'd write a quick blog sharing a bit about the country. We have certainly enjoyed our research. Macedonia seems like a gem! It has rich beauty and history and we are greatly looking forward to our visit.

Macedonia is often also referred to as FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Apparently Greeks use the term FYROM as there is a region within Greece that is also called Macedonia. Who knew?! So that is why people open refer to the Macedonia we are talking about as "The Republic of Macedonia"

The capital of Macedonia is, Skopje - this is where we will fly into. 

Macedonia became independent in 1991 - Even though it has extensive history, it is considered a "young state."

Macedonia is surrounded by Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece.

                                                                    Macedonia Map

An advantage for us is that Macedonia is one of the most affordable countries to visit in Europe! A quote from one blogger who visited said; "The cheapest hotels start at around $7; nicer hostels were around $10" - SWEET! Definitely the right price for a 12 week family vacation, aye?! (One Macedonian Denar = 0.0184571 US Dollar)

                                                            Macedonian Flag

                                                            Macedonian Alphabet

Check out these links for more info! 

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Oh, and did you know that both Mother Theresa and Alexander the Great were from Macedonia!

Translation Underway

This aspect is proving to take a bit longer than we had expected. Apparently, there are not many Certified Macedonian Translators in the USA ;) Our entire Dossier (all 94 of our adoption documents) need to be completed by a certified translator and accompanied by a certification of translation. We were quoted.....drum roll please.......14 cents/word! Ok.....well clearly that will add up quickly! But there's no turning back! Trusting God to provide. We had budgeted $2,500 for translation and it looks like it may be closer to $4K. Thankfully, our initial tax workup looks like we may get a refund which we can put towards the translation fees. Who knew?! If you're looking for a career field, maybe consider translation!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


We are thrilled to have our *dossier complete! We sent it to our international agency the week of Christmas and they are submitting it for translation in Macedonian! Once the entire dossier is translated, our agency will send it to the Ministry of Macedonia where our "request to adopt" will be considered. If we meet their criteria, we will be officially approved to adopt and then matched with a specific child. We are hoping to me matched with "Xavier" (and its very likely we will be. However, we are still obligated to follow proper adoption procedure per the Hague Adoption laws).

We are anxious to have our dossier submitted to the country for review. Once we are approved/matched, we will re-submit an application to immigration (*USCIS) requesting permission to bring that specific child back into the USA. When we have this 2nd USCIS approval, we will then be given travel dates. We are sincerely hoping that the timing works out for us to travel in June seeing as how Macedonia requires a 10-12week adaptation period and Joe is free from his on-site teaching responsibilities. (He will have to continue his work as an online-instructor, but thankfully, he can do that anywhere in the world so long as he has internet connection!) We know its gonna be tight, but we're hoping to fit the adaptation period into the June-August summer recess. (Please feel free to make the timing a matter of prayer as well!)

Now that our dossier is complete and submitted, its time to crack down on the fundraisers. We have been gifted $571.88 on our Reese's Rainbow Fundraising page! Its such an encouragement to see the number increasing! PLUS, any gifts donated through this link are tax deductible! Click Here to gift a tax-deductible amount to Joe and Hannah's adoption! There is also a pay-pal link on the top, right-hand side of the blog. This is out private account which releases the funds to us to use an expenses arise. RR does not release funds until we have travel approval - that's the only draw back. We will of course need every cent to use towards travel, but we still have some hefty bills due prior to travel. So either way you chose to give, would be an immense blessing! 

We are not expecting (or even asking) to just be given the money. We don't mind working...and working hard.....to raise what we need. Joe works 2 jobs and Hannah babysits like a crazy lady. As a stay at home mom, Hannah does what she can to raise extra funds. She is responsible for brainstorming, planning, preparing, and organizing most of the fundraisers. Please help show your support by sharing and even getting involved if you are able. In the next 22 weeks (from now until we hope to travel), Hannah has determined to host a different fundraiser each week. Please stay tuned for them! We promise that we will do our best to return the favor in the future. Please help us get what we need to make this dream a reality. The dream of rescuing an orphaned child and making him ours! We can't do this on our own, and maybe....just maybe....God is planning to use YOU as part of His plan to provide for what we need. God said "adopt" and we have trusted and obeyed. We know He will provide. If you feel moved to share our story, donate items for the auctions/sales, volunteer for the fundraising events, or even give financially, please do. God will bless your gift!

Thank-you friends!!!!

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(*A dossier is a collection of papers giving detailed information about a particular person or subject. In the case of an adoption, a dossier contains a completed home study, back ground checks, letters from physicians, bank statements etc)

(*USCIS - United States Citizen and Immigration Services)