Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Final Documents Arrived!

PHEW! What a roller coaster ride it was to obtain these FBI clearances for our Dossier Update! 

After 4 months and several hundred $$$ later, we have them in hand and are headed off to the Post Office to mail them out to our agency! 

Making Progress!!!! THESE are the final documents we need for the update. Hopefully our other documents are nearly translated and it won't take much time to get these final two complete. 

Knowing that we have already been approved by US Immigration as well as the country of Macedonia, I am so very hopeful that things will begin to fall into place quickly!!!! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Update

Hello All! 

So many have asked for an update..... its humbling to admit that it doesn't seem like we have made much progress....HOWEVER, things ARE in fact continuing to move forward. Slowly but surely!

Our final document needed for the Dossier update is currently in Albany awaiting its Apostille Seal. Once it is returned to us, we will then overnight it to our Agency who will then submit it to the translator. Once all the documents needed for the update are translated, (Hopefully within the next month or so) our agency can then submit the dossier. During our telephone conversation with our agency several weeks ago, our case worker expressed her optimism that once Macedonia receives the documents, they will then proceed rather quickly. This was encouraging to hear and we are hopeful for a speedy response from the country once they have the documents! 

Please send thoughts and prayers for speedy delivery, translation, and processing from Macedonia. We are beyond READY to go get our boy and bring him HOME!!!!!!