Friday, August 14, 2015


  Keep waiting baby....we haven't given up on you!

*Sigh* - time is passing away. Each day hoping for news. On July 28th we received word from Macedonia that they had not yet reviewed our Dossier and would review it within 2 weeks. Its been 17 days....its possible that those 30 business days for a decision begins on the day they review our, theoretically it may be 6 more weeks before we hear news. 

In the mean time....we are in the process of updating our home study and then we have to resubmit our updated study to immigration....if we do not have a referral by the time our HS expires on September 11, we will need to have these documents translated into Macedonian again....which if you remember was very costly....about $100/page. 

So, we are trying to keep our hearts and minds at peace. We are doing all we can. We are letting our faith guide us even though we have been feeling discouraged and disappointed. We are not angry with God or even questioning His will but we are praying that He intervenes and continues to open doors or clearly close them if that is His plan. We are dedicated and determined to pursuing Baby Xavier until the doors the mean time, we will keep waiting. . . 

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement along the way. This has been quite a journey and we appreciate the support from family and friends.