Thursday, April 30, 2015


 Ok.....*deep breaths Hannah*

I have given birth to 3 children. It was a crazy, wild, and exciting time. I LOVE to plan and organize - I'm the kind of girl that had my hospital bag packed 3 months early and the nursery prepped for weeks ahead of time..... different. There's still a baby on the way.....but this type of anticipation is totally new to me.

We're on the 6 week countdown (We could travel anytime after June 11th - AND TRUST ME, if we haven't left by then - you'll wish we had - if ya know what I mean!)

Right now I'm in the panicked "HURRAY AND WAIT" phase....

Macedonia has our Translated Dossier....The Ministry confirmed they had our documents on April 8th - so, theoretically, we could hear news ANYTIME from the country.


After we've received approval, we'll be placed in the registry of approved families and THEN that's when they'll make their referral (match us with the waiting child).

There's no set time for when they make this referral - but it could be very shortly after our approval. Along with this referral comes our travel approval! THAT'S when we'll get the tickets. Adoption Airfare is on standby for our call and is ready and excited to help us book our flight!

Oh, back to this concept of a the "hospital bag" - PHEW! This is ONE HECK of a bag! Its a bag for 6 people for 10-12 weeks! Mommy, Daddy, an 8 year old, 6 year old, 5 year old and New Little Tot!

WAITING everyday for an update. Refreshing my e-mail like a crazy lady. Checking my phone for calls or texts....

Baby "Xavier" - you are on my heart and mind. I cannot wait to see you soon! We'll be there soon! I am greatly anticipating that precious day  - the day that YOU will be born into our hearts....our lives....our family. Soon sweet boy! Very soon!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

“… so that He might redeem those who were under the Law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.” – Galatians 4:5

Easter by far is my favorite holiday and in my opinion the most important one. Though do not get Hannah started as she disagrees and chooses Christmas – for without Jesus’ birth there would be no Resurrection Sunday!  Sounds like the argument about which one comes first, the chicken or the egg.   I joked around early today when an acquaintance put a meme up about not liking Marshmallow Peeps that the correct order of importance is the following: Jesus, Cadbury Eggs, and then Marshmallow Peeps.  Anything else would just be a tragedy!

In all seriousness, I love Easter as it highlights the ultimate sacrifice that our Heavenly Father gave in order to bring us to redemption and shows the power of Christ Jesus to conquer death.  I mean, I literally get chills when I think about the depiction shown in Mel Gibson’s Passion when Jesus victoriously sets on the head of the serpent with his heel.  Some have faulted the movie for spending too much time on the crucifixion; however, the end is so dramatic that it highlights the victory over death and the power of our Risen Savior.  Besides, that is also how the Gospel of Mark ends. 

The question though is why?  Why would our Heavenly Father go to such lengths to free us from the shackles of sin?  Why did He give the ultimate sacrifice in which eternity turned its back on eternity for us who in our own minds desire nothing to do with God?   I believe the answer is in one simple word.


Our Heavenly Father desired to redeem us in order to bring us into His family.  So that we can be heirs along with Christ Jesus and to know His presence forever.  He was so moved by our state and to bring us out of the murky swamp so that we can be embraced in His arms.  We were made to have a healthy relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Through His death and His resurrection, He does exactly that.

During this process of adoption, this theme has begun to resonate with me more.  We have always had a desire to give a boy or a girl a forever home.  We desire to wrap them up in our arms and to hold them.  We desire to sing to them until they fall asleep in the security of our home.  We desire to pick them up when they get hurt and tend to their scrapes and bruises.  The purpose is not for ourselves, but it is for them.   Every child should have a family to call their own.  Why?  Because they were made for it.  Just like we were made for a relationship with Jesus.

That is the reason that we desire to adopt.  We desire to show the same love and affection that Jesus has so graciously showed us.  And though it may seem like a huge mountain with many hurdles, it is worth it.  I mean Jesus went to so much more and such greater hurdles to redeem us.  I think we can handle a little paperwork, traveling halfway around the world, and forgoing a new car. 

Have a great Resurrection Sunday! And remember that Jesus gave His life so that you could be a part of the family of God!