Thursday, February 12, 2015

T-Shirt Fundraiser!

*NEW FUNDRAISER* - Check it out everyone!!!!! I am so psyched about this! A dear friend who is a graphic designer created this shirt for us! We are so appreciative. Its just perfect. Please check it out! Share. And consider purchasing! Its a super cool color and design and its meaning is so awesome! Our goal is to sell 45 shirts! Available in both Adult and Child sizes!
Be a part of this story with us! This shirt not only communicates ministering in general, it also supports the *NEW* International Adoption Program we are piloting! Along with our amazing agency, we are helping to create a new program in Macedonia which will open the door for special needs children to be adopted into the USA! This is an incredible opportunity. Please come alongside us and support us and this opportunity! To not only open the doors for our "Xavier" but for many other children in the future!

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