Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pay it Forward

     Yesterday, a friend bumped our Adoption Family Sponsorship Page (FSP) to help us meet our matching grant and when I wrote and expressed my gratitude, she responded, "My friend did something nice for me at Christmas & I told her, when I could, I would pay it forward. It just so happens that my husband got a really nice bonus from work, so I am able to pay it forward & I chose you."

     The concept of "Pay It Forward" is that when you have been blessed by someone, you return the favor and bless someone else when you are able! We have been generously blessed throughout this adoption process and we are so thankful!!!! We still need to raise $21,000. Yes, its a lot of money....and yes, we need it quickly (Only 16 weeks until we hope to travel!) But, with our combined efforts, our fundraisers, and our promise to pay-it-forward and return the favor when this is all said and done, we believe it can happen!

    If you chose to "pay it forward" to us, you are investing in an opportunity to not only help our family in particular, but to rescue a special needs child from an orphanage. And not just our "Xavier" - this is an opportunity to create a program to help all the children in Macedonia with special needs to be adopted into a loving family! 

    Please consider "paying it forward" - even if just in a small way. Your gift will be blessed, we will be grateful, orphans will be rescued, and we promise to return the favor and pay it forward when we are able. 

 Click here to view our Our Adoption Sponsorship Page 
*All gifts donated through this link are tax deductible*

"Remember, there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. 
Every act creates a ripple with no logical end". – Scott Adams

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