Saturday, June 6, 2015

5/5/5/ Grant Opportunity!!!

We've been blessed to be selected to be a part of Reese's Rainbow's 5/5/5 Adoption Grant program from June 6 - July 5th! Its the perfect distraction to keep our minds busy while we wait for news on our referral and travel dates!
Each month, 5 adopting families are selected. On the 5th of the month (So July 5th for us), all the donations will be divided evenly among the 5 families!
We are thankful for this opportunity! Its especially encouraging to have a goal to work towards as we wait for news. The 5/5/5 goal for this month is $3,487 - you'd be surprised how quickly we could reach that goal if everyone gave just $5! 
Also, IF you are able and feel led, consider signing up to donate $5 each month to 5 new families....that's a $1 for each family a month - all of whom are adopting children with special needs. It may not seem like a lot....but I assure you, that it is and we know that God will bless your kindness!

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