Saturday, July 18, 2015

Be Still My Heart

I've been avoiding a "No News" update because its not at all what I want to share.....unfortunately, its all I have to share. 

We still have had NO word from the country since their initial response to having received our Dossier on April 8th....nearly 3 and a 1/2 months ago. We were expecting news in 30 business we expected news in May and hoped to travel in June. Its now July heart is anxious (YES, I know God has a plan and that everything will work out the way its meant to be). My HEAD knows the answers....regardless, my HEART is heavy.

Our International Agency has been wonderful. Our worker checks in with us to reassure us. She has made several attempts to contact the ministry and sent us a message on Thursday saying she is trying to set up a phone call with the ministry. We are thankful that she is advocating so diligently on our behalf. Since this is the country's first international adoption under the Hague laws, we are guessing that they just want to be very careful that everything is done legally and appropriately. It is a new program and we are the pilot, we KNEW there would be road blocks and lots of waiting. (Again, a bit easier said than done). 

We have several friends who are traveling as I type to meet/adopt their children. We are so happy for them. We feel as if we can truly relate to how excited they must feel! Being happy for them heightens our own anticipation for news on our own adoption. 

Its hard going to sleep each night and going about our daily business knowing our sweet boy is across the ocean waiting for his family. He has waited long enough. 

We are starting up home school this upcoming Monday to get the kids going on their work to allow time for traveling etc. We imagined we would be away most of the summer and not much of the school year but it looks as though our decision to home educate this Fall was very wise. 

As I go about my life and my day.....I keep baby in my heart and mind. How can I not?! When I feel an overwhelming flood of emotions as I daily anticipate news...and the day comes and goes with none, I tell my heart to "Be Still" - there's nothing I can do now except wait and pray. 

We know that all of this uncertainty and waiting is well worth the end result....but please, would you consider sending us some extra thoughts and prayers for peace and patience?!

I have had to start unpacking items from my carefully packed bags...each time I take an item out of the suitcase my heart hurts a little bit. . . these items were careful planned, prepared, and packed. . . God, please help my heart be patient and bring us news soon!!!!!!

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