Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why so expensive? What are you paying for???

Lots of people have asked us "Why does it cost so much? What are you paying for?"

Good question....a question we have also asked ourselves many times. The fees are outrageous. There's no doubt about that. Let me break it down for you....

Application Fees, BCS: $500 - (PAID); International Agency: $375 - (PAID)
Home Study Fee: $2,450 - (PAID)
USCIS and Biometrics: $890 - (PAID)
Paperwork: ~ $1,500 (PAID)
- Passports (x5)
- Certified Copies of Birth/Marriage Certificates 
- Transcripts
- Autehntications
- Apostilles
- State/FBI Clearances
- Postage
Dossier Translation: ~$3,100 - (PAID)
Agency Fees: $11,400
- BCS Program Fee: $1,500 - (PAID)
- BCS Post Placement: $2,000 (PAID)
- International Agency Dossier Fee: $4,000 (PAID)
- *International Agency Placement Fee: $4,000
*Estimated Orphanage Donation: ~ $2,000
*Airfare:  $9,886 -
Estimation Only: (Estimates provided by Adoption AirFare)
$1,531 (round trip) per person (X) 6 = $9,186 (+700 "lap baby" on return flight) = $9,886
*In-Country Expenses for 10-12 weeks: $8,000
Transportation for 7 in-country: (3 adults, 4 children) 
Lodging for 10-12 weeks
Passport/Medical exam for child
Food/Hygiene needs for 10-12 weeks
Translator/Interpreter 10-12 weeks 
US Attorney Fees: ~$2,000

* Items in RED are unpaid and will be needed in the next 3-4months *

HOW in the world are you going to be able to afford it?

Well, we have PAID half already and have some in our SAVINGS....We are applying for an ADOPTION LOAN, and will be applying for GRANTS. We are also hopeful to have some successful FUNDRAISERS and SUPPORT LETTERS.

And of course, a lot of FAITH and PRAYERS!!!!! :)

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