Sunday, January 3, 2016

Carnival Fundraiser!!!

I am so excited about the Nintendo-Themed Carnival my Mom is hosting for us as a Fundraiser! It's going to be HUGE!!! She graciously rented out a venue and is hosting a Nintendo themed family carnival!

Carnival Facebook Event Page!

Here are some of the events!!!! We are so excited! Hope to see you there! Bring your friends!

1.) We are excited to announce there will be a LIVE reptile show at the Carnival! (The presenter will also be auctioning off a private birthday party!) You won't want to miss this!

2.) There will be a "Healthy" food table inspired by Zac! He and a dietitian family friend will be offering a nutritious snack option!
3.) Esther will be running a "General Store" where items such as homemade scarves, baked goods, books, and other trinkets will be sold!

4.) Joe will be creating balloon animals!

5.) A dear friend of the family will be offering face painting!

6.) There will be auctions and raffles!

7.) You will have an opportunity to "tag the bag?" For a donation, you can write a personal message on "Xavier's" suitcase! Your personal messages will travel overseas to Macedonia!

8.) Abby will be running a cafe where you can purchase coffee and cookies!

9.) Nate and Brenna will be supervising the crafts and temporary Nintendo Tattoos!

10.) There will be a play area for the kids!

11.) My Uncle Jim will be providing LIVE music at the cafe!

12.) There will be vendor tables of those who have graciously donated items to raffle/auction!

13.) There will be homemade, gourmet cupcakes for sale!

14.) PLUS MORE!!!!!!!

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